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4/3 & 4/5


Are food allergies dangerous? Join Dr. Bob and allergist Dr. Megan Stauffer to learn why food allergies should be diagnosed and managed.

4/10 & 4/12


Join Dr. Bob and two guests -- endocrinologist Dr. Bill Law, Jr., and ear, nose & throat surgeon Dr. Mark Overholt -- to learn how thyroid disorders are diagnosed and treated.

4/17 & 4/19


Join Dr. Bob and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Chris Klenck to learn how these traumatic brain injuries are diagnosed and treated.

4/24 & 4/26


Join Dr. Bob and allergist Dr. Karthik Krishnan for a discussion on the most effective treatment options for managing allergic rhinitis

5/1 & 5/3


Join Dr. Bob and cardiologist Dr. Malcolm Foster to learn how echocardiograms can detect prolapse, stenosis and other conditions affecting valves of the heart.


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